Diving Equipment Services has a range of Commercial Diving Equipment for sale.


The stock of used equipment continually varies so it is worth regularly viewing this page.


Any equipment offered is described briefly with a photo below.


If you are interested please contact us for more information.


Divex LP Compressor

Divex LP Diving Compressor 15cfm FAD. 10 bar WP through genie off-loader with separate PRV.

Norgren breathing air filter system with 2.2lt buffer. Petrol driven with Honda CX270 engine. All fitted inside a galvanized crash frame with carry handles. Completely refurbished summer 2019 and sold with certification including Fit for Purpose, PRV and Air Purity. Ready to work.

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HP Diving Compressor





Bauer Capitano HP Compressor 5cfm. 330 bar single charging whip and end running from a Honda GX160 petrol engine in a galvanized crash frame with carry handles. Completely refurbished summer 2019 by Bauer qualified technician sold with certification including Air Purity, Fit for Purpose and PRV. Ready to work.

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Kirby Morgan 17B


Kirby Morgan diving helmet complete with lower neck dam assembly, fully serviced by dive lab technician and certified. The helmet comes complete with communications speakers and mic (OTS) and a 4 pin marsh marine connection. Air umbilical connection at present is Jic 6 this can be replaced with a 9/16 UNF bull nose connector if required. 2 off these are available.

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Bauer K14 Compressor

Bauer K14 HP Compressor 11cfm. 330 bar - 3 charging whips and charge ends powered by 3 phase 415volt motor in a galvanized crash frame. This unit has auto drain and pressure cut out and is star delta controlled. Major 2000 hour service just completed by Bauer qualified technician sold with certification including Air Purity, Fit for Purpose and PRV. Ready to work.

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Low Pressure Warning System

This unit has been manufactured to provide a warning of a drop in supply pressure primarily in breathing air supplies such as diving and confined space systems.

It is able to monitor 1, 2 or 3 supplies and normally registers the pressure in the outgoing supply.

However by changing the pressure transducers the same unit is capable of any combination of high or low pressure monitoring.

Upon start up the system performs a self-check / test to ensure that there are no faults. If a fault is detected the orange light illuminates. If the system is working and normal pressures the green light will illuminate. If any of the pressure transducers detect a pressure drop the green light extinguishes and the red light illuminates and the warning buzzer sounds.  The buzzer can be muted.

The system can be built into new systems or retro fitted into existing systems and will provide an audio visual warning. Housed in an aluminium enclosure with large buttons and warning lights this unit provides the supervisor /operator with additional safety benefits.

Please contact us if you require further details on this system

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Dive Controls

Diving Equipment Services Ltd are currently building 2 Dive Control units housed in 8 foot containers.

They are fitted with a 2 Diver Panel, LP Receiver, 2x HP Cylinders, Lighting, Heating, and Power Sockets (2 with USB charging) and Worktop. Also fitted are umbilical horns and ample of storage together with a stand by divers seat.

If these are of interest please contact us as an early enquiry could give options such as choice of colour and final fit out ect.

On 13 March 2020 these containers have gone into the paint shop, so LAST CHANCE!

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